About Us

AboveDATA is a non-profit concept to create an organic cybersecurity talent development environment to meet the ever-increasing demands of the digital economy and secure our nation’s interests in the cyberspace. Abovedata's mission seeks to bring the collective voice of the cyber security community along with keystone cyber intelligence sources together to form an immersive learning platform that aims to give the future cyber security army leverage in today's cyber warefare.

With the supply for highly trained cyber professionals falling short of demand and losing ground at an alarming rate, Abovedata is motivated to create a robust and sustainable cyber training regiment to address the severe shortage in the depth and breadth of cybersecurity skills. In order to keep pace with the sophistication and agility of today's motivated, persitent and well-funded cyber adversaries, Abovedata employs a cross-training methodology where traditional cybersecurity foundations are brought together with cyber forensic and tactical approaches to gain insights into the detection, prediction and remediation of a full range of cyber attack vectors.